Monday, March 26, 2007

Rob participated in an online chat at today. I love the Post's online chats, but I missed this one as I toiled away on an overdue work project. Rob submitted a question to Washington, DC's Congressional Delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton about DC Congressional representation:

"Chicago: Thank you for taking my question. Prior to the creation of the District of Columbia, residents of that area were presumably represented by the Congressional delegations of Maryland and Virginia (the Virginia portion of DC having already been returned, much to the congressional benefit of the residents of Arlington). Therefore, the creation of D.C. robbed those residents of their right to equal representation. Historically speaking, do you know what the justification for this was and whether those residents raised any objections to having their political representation in Congress taken away?"

The Delegate's response is here. I am assuming that Rob's question is his own property, but I am sure there is some copyright law that requires me to link to the Post site for the answer rather than post it here. Just scroll down a little bit to find the right Q&A once you follow the link.

And obviously, I am expressing no opinion whatsoever on any current political debates. Just showing off my husband's often-not-discussed point.

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