Monday, March 19, 2007

In February, we went to New Jersey to surprise Rob's grandma on her 75th birthday. Rob's sister Gena planned a Pezold family photo, which turned out pretty nice. In the left corner, Gary (husband of Rob's sister Tori) is holding their daughter Lillian. Tori is sitting in front of them, holding on to their two sons Aidan and Bryson. Next comes me, with Rob's grandma Lois to the right and Rob right behind us. Rob's Dad Bob is sitting next to his mom, with his wife Teri behind him. Also in front of Teri is Rob's sister Gena. In front of Gena, is Rob's Aunt Mary Lynn, who is also in front of her husband Frank. Behind Frank are Kyle (Rob's twin sister) and Taber (Kyle's husband). Kyle is holding on to their daughter Lauren. The oldest boy in the front is their son Daniel, who had a freshly scraped up face from playing hockey, I believe. Very cute.

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