Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last night we headed over to Resa and Nick's place for a pizza night. While Resa and I chatted, Rob and Nick had some Wii time. Resa and Nick got their Wii the day it was released last fall... spending 24 hours straight in a suburban Meijer's to ensure they got one. Seriously. :)

Anyway, all of the sudden, Rob yelled to me that it was 9:35. It took me a second, but then I remembered that Scooter's closes at 10pm. It was time to head out. Scooter's is Chicago's only (so I'm told) frozen custard shop and it is literally steps from our front door. And if frozen custard alone isn't enough to give you daily cravings, well, every day they have a new specialty flavor. Last night's was German Chocolate Cake! So good. So good. Honestly, if you're in Chicago, you've got to try it. Divine.

Scooter's is new to us because it just opened in March. It stays closed during the winter months, so it hasn't been opened since we moved into our place. It opened while we were in California for Lib's wedding... but we've made up for those lost days by stopping in for custard just about every single night since!

I have a particular fondness for frozen custard because the very first time I tried it, Rob and I were in Milwaukee for my friend Kerri's wedding. We'd only been dating a few weeks, way back in the fall of 2002, so I was pretty psyched that Rob was so enthusiastic about a trip to Wisconsin with me. Rob's one request for our trip was to find a frozen custard shop, and we found an awesome one right after the Brewers-Giants game we caught that weekend. Ever since that trip, Rob would always talk about opening a frozen custard shop in DC. Probably a pretty good idea, considering how hot DC summers can be. So I suppose it's fate that we now live so close to a frozen custard place... or maybe too bad that there's already one in the 'hood so we can't open our own?

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