Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chelsea Time

Looks like Chelsea Clinton is taking a more active role in her mom's campaign. Not surprising given that she's probably the only member of the Clinton family with really high positives and really low negatives. And no doubt she's being deployed because of Obama's high numbers among younger voters.

Her quotes in these articles show some impressive depth. I'm not sure why, but I always like hearing from candidates' adult kids. It's no surprise that Chelsea would have a strong grasp of policy, though. Still, I think it gives voters a unique view of the candidate when the candidate's adult children hit the campaign trail. I remember seeing Karenna Gore at a Tampa rally in 2000. She blew the Spanish-speaking media away when she happily answered real policy questions in Spanish. I thought Kerry's daughters were an asset in 2004. But I guess we all know how those races turned out.

Anyway, if you're curious like me about what the former First Daughter has to say about her mom:

-- From The Post

-- From The AP

-- From The Salt Lake Tribune


Anonymous said...

It's funny. I am totally the opposite. I never care what the families say and feel like it is a PR stunt. Which shows just how much of a cynic I am!

Kat said...

No doubt it's always a PR stunt. But I still think having thoughtful children is a credit to the parent, a tidbit you wouldn't otherwise know about the candidate, even if there's also a lot of luck involved.