Thursday, January 17, 2008

More problems with the proposed border fence

I had not read much about the border towns and communities that will be affected by the fence America is planning to build along its border with Mexico. This article in the Tribune shows what happens when we have politics for show instead of politics that solves real problems.

For Nydia Garcia and her family, who own border farmlands just up the road from Tamez, the objection is more pragmatic. Most of their fields would fall on the outside of the proposed route, still on American soil but consigned to a new no man's land between the fence and the Rio Grande.

"Are we going to have to ask permission from the Border Patrol every time we need to plow?" she asked as she led a reporter on a back-roads tour of her family's property.

As if to answer her question, within a few minutes a Border Patrol agent drove up and asked Garcia who she was and why she was driving near the river.

And another excerpt:

"I do respect the fact that our government wants to keep our country safe from terrorists," Tamez said. "But there have been no terrorists wading across the Rio Grande. The 9/11 terrorists came in legally, through the front door."

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wheelsonthebus said...

See, this is what is wrong with being out of the country. You don't realize things like this are going on.