Monday, January 28, 2008

Let the home renovation begin

Finally the painters are here. After 13 months of living in our home, our walls will be painted with colors we actually like. In theory anyway. We spent so long picking out the downstairs color that by the time the painter came to give us an estimate, we hadn't thought much about the bedrooms and bathrooms. We picked those colors on the fly. So we'll see.

This past weekend was a whirlwind of domestic activities. New mirrors for the master bathroom. New light fixtures for the whole house. New ceiling fan for our bedroom. An actual comforter set for the guest bedroom. New artwork for the whole house. Including the coolest Chicago picture I've seen in quite a while. We even returned some things we've needed to return for a while.

We sorted through the massive pile of boxes in our littlest bedroom so that we could move my mom's and my twin sister's stuff over to my little sister's house. (Ah, the benefits of not being the sister with the most storage space....) Soon we will actually be able to make use of the room. In short, maybe we'll be fully moved in by the time we hit month 14.

In other news, seeing as I do nothing but complain about customer service on this blog, I should point out that the salesguy at REI in Schaumburg could not have been nicer to us when we went in on Saturday to buy ski pants. Less than a month until we go to Jackson Hole. Yea!!!

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