Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Bishop!

Last night Rob and I hit the town with my friend Bishop and his wonderful girlfriend Karen (who is fast becoming a favorite Chi-town friend!) to celebrate Bishop turning old. Bishop, I won't out your age publicly, don't worry.

We went to a great restaurant called Red Light in the West Loop. We were chatting so much it took us a long time to get around to ordering. I can't remember the last time I saw Bishop, so clearly it had been far too long.

Bishop and I met when we worked together at a Chicago law firm during the summer before our clerkships. I had just moved to Chicago and Rob was still in DC. I was studying for the Bar and enjoying the excitement of Barbri classes (ha). But there weren't many folks from Penn Law in my Barbri class in Chicago. Ever the social butterfly, Bishop insisted I come sit with his crew of classmates and a great friendship was born. Through Bishop I met most of my first new friends in Chicago. It's definitely the mark of a good person to welcome without hesitation a stranger into their circle of friends. :)

After our summer gig was up, Bishop moved to Denver for his year-long clerkship, where he met Karen. (Yea!!) Happily, they've been back in Chicago since early fall, but of course I was working like a maniac all fall, so last night we all finally got together.

So here's to birthdays bringing good friends back together! I can't wait for the four of us to hang out again!

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