Thursday, January 31, 2008

Election blogging

These days, I find myself nodding in appreciation every time I read a post about the Democratic primary by Melissa McEwan at Shakesville (or Shakespeare's Sister right now, as I think Shakesville is having server problems). McEwan was an Edwards supporter, so sometimes I didn't agree with her. Still, I really like her feminism, snarkiness, and determination to cut through the BS, especially the media's BS.

Anywho, here are some good examples:

- What are the biggest selling points for you on Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama? [Yea! Looking for the positive from both good candidates!]

- I have questions for Barack Obama [Yea! Looking for substance! And I think Obama would easily win the nomination if he answered these questions well.]

- The Return of Nader [Yea! Calling a spade a spade!]

- Shut Up, Maureen Dowd [One in a series, the subject of which you can easily guess.]

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Nadine said...

I meant to tell you that I loved that Nader post. It was a little too pro-Nader to start, but her scathing critique of his in-between-elections conduct was right on.