Monday, January 14, 2008

One for two

It could have been a worse football day in our household. Much worse. After all, most folks were betting on the Manning brothers' win-loss column stats to be the reverse of what actually occurred on Sunday. After game 1 on Sunday, no one expected Eli to pull out a victory on a day when Peyton could not.

Rob and I hosted a marathon football watching shindig on Sunday afternoon, so at least I had friends and family to keep my in good spirits. It kicked off with the Colts game kickoff at noon and lasted through the final seconds of the Giants game around 7pm. Much blue was worn -- including three Manning jerseys and a Harrison jersey.

Resa, Nick and Stephanie set the record for most football watching hours logged at Kat & Rob's house on Sunday... arriving during the first quarter of the Colts game and staying until the end of the party. Jeff and Sara were a close second, arriving shortly after Resa and her crew. Ali & Eddie and Alan & Jen joined us for the entire Giants game. Apparently, though, we needed to reach that critical mass a little before 3pm if we wanted to score a double victory.

I am beyond bummed to see my Colts in defeat. It's tempered quite a bit by Rob's excitement that the Giants are in the NFC championship. Yea! And thankfully, I think either the Packers or the Giants would put up a good fight against the Pats in the Super Bowl. A Pats victory would be more than I can take this season. Hopefully the Colts learned a lesson though -- don't rest your starters in Game 16 when you have a first-round bye!!! First of all, the playoffs would have shaken out differently with Cleveland in the playoffs. (And since Cleveland is my other NFL team, apart from the Colts and the Giants of course, that would have been extra cool.) But Marvin could have used some real playing time in the last, oh, two months.

So I guess next year the Colts will need to carry a perfect season into week 17 so they can continue on a rampage into the post-season despite resting a week. While we all wait for that... GO GIANTS!!!

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