Friday, February 13, 2009

Operation Mexico - Rob is still winning

Rob found it pretty funny that I'm comparing our mileage in my Operation Mexico posts. I believe his exact words were, "Come on. We know I'm going to win."

I suppose it's true.

Yesterday I raced back from NY in time for my book club where we all discussed how much we disliked the book we read... while eating amazing enchiladas and drinking delicious sangria. I got home to find Rob on the treadmill. Damn! So even though running post-sangria is probably not ideal (and indeed, I had to stop and walk some of my mileage... good thing I only had one glass), I threw on my gym clothes to try to keep up.

New stats:
Kat: 3.5 miles (9.15 total)
Rob: 3.5 miles (9.4 total)

Today is our day off working out. Thank god. I am sooooo tired. Because after book club, and after working out, which all came after not getting much sleep at all the last two nights, I still had to finish a bunch of work. Awesome. TGIF.

(Sara, please don't stop reading! ;)


Anonymous said...

Katherine is the brains and I am the braun. It's similar to me saying "Next year my resume is going to be better than yours." We all know that's not going to happen. But in the athleticism arena, I have the natural advantage... and I intend on using it ;)

Sara said...

you're making it tough katherine. you're making it tough.