Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Operation Mexico

The last time I was in good shape feels like a long time ago, if ever. I probably felt the best (in recent years) during the summer of 2007 when Rob and I wrapped up "Operation Portugal." It was our get-in-shape plan aimed at making sure we looked fit (or at least fitter) on our vacation to Portugal in August 2007.

It worked. I dropped back down to my wedding weight. Still not my pre-law school weight and definitely not my NYC weight. But a weight I was very happy to be as a 30-something.

Today I'm not very far from that. But I don't want to be on that slippery slope where every year I gain just a couple pounds. A lifetime of that adds up. It already has.

So Rob and I have a new plan. Operation Mexico. We leave for a week in Puerto Vallarta in six and a half weeks. I'm aiming to turn back just a little a bit, just back to my Operation Portugal weight. We've been doing weekly pilates for almost a year now, so I hope the strength I've built will help as I pick up cardio again.

In keeping with Operation Portugal, I'll log my mileage on the blog again. Rob's too. Starting with tonight's treadmill runs.

Kat: 3.4 miles
Rob: 3.4 miles

So far it's a tie....


Anonymous said...

Kathy, Order the "Slim in 6" workout--it totally works (but kiiiills you!)--Rox

Kat said...

Nice! Will do! xoxo. K