Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Baseball: My summer passion.
Times I've been to a game in the past 2 weeks: 3
Different stadiums I've visited during those occasions: 3

Arizona Diamondbacks:
I went with my dad to Arizona for a father son weekend (a much overdue experience and one I highly recommend. Not with my dad, with your own dad!). We did the tourist thing (Tombstone, which was pretty cool), and we did the sports enthusiast thing (D'back baseball). To say the D'back's stadium is large isn't enough. It's the the largest stadium complex I've ever seen. It was huge! The game was boring. They walked Barry Bonds 3 times (2 intentionals and one plunk, which in my book means 3 intentionals). But the stadium was awesome, so I enjoyed the experience.

Chicago Cubs:
Our friends Tim and Emily graciously offered to take us to the Cubs/Nationals game this past Saturday. I told Tim I was a Cubs fan, so he tested my allegiance early. I must say, I only had a "home team" for 2 years, but the bond is stronger than I thought. But in the end I rooted for the Cubs and in my opinion single handedly willed them to victory. An awesome stadium and a very enjoyable game (Brian Schneider had one of the best throws I've ever seen to second and caught the guy stealing in plenty of time... awesome stuff). I'm still a Cubs fan, but I'm a catcher at heart and I have to give a shout out when the shout out is deserved.

Milwaukee Brewers:
The day after the Cubs game, K and I went to Milwaukee. K was there for some intellectual lawyer thing... the very thing I try to avoid. So when the offer to go to a baseball game was made, I was all in. Miller Park is awesome (not as awesome as the Phillies new stadium, which in my opinion is the best I've ever been to). The game was even better, with a handful of homeruns and drama. I'm a bit of a purist, I like homeruns but also appreciate crafty pitching (and really appreciate awesome catcher play).

So, that's my baseball recount. Enjoy them while they last, NY Giants pre-season activities start soon. BTW - the Giants had a very solid draft. Aaron Ross should compete for a starting CB position. Plus, Steve Smith and Sinorice Moss (last years 2nd rounder) should augment Plax's vertical prowess. The D-line added a stud pass rushing DT, which should fit in well with Strahand and Umenyiora. Not deep enough yet at the LB position, but there's tons of SMART speedsters at the position. Okay, enough about the Giants... for now ;) Actually, there's never enough NY Giants talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(This post was intended to offset the nerdy stuff my wife talks about. She's super smart, she can't help herself).

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