Thursday, May 31, 2007

Totally stealing blog ideas here...

I've pretty much stolen this post from a friend's blog. There's a new (new-ish?) networking site that's focused on books! Awesome! So check out Good Reads and create a profile for yourself so I can learn all about the books you love. Seriously! I never know what to read next, and now I can just steal book reading ideas like I'm stealing this blog post idea. Whoo hoo!

On Good Reads, you can add all the books you've read (seriously), write reviews, add the books you're currently reading or hope to read, and look at all the books your smart friends think are amazing. You can check out my profile here. And I highly recommend the recommendations of my co-clerk Peter, who is one of my "friends" on the site. He knows more about books than anyone I've ever met.

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Nadine said...

Yay! My to-read list is getting longer and longer, which makes me so happy!! I also love it when my smart friends tell me what to read. :)