Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weekend Travels

Whoo hoo! Rob has come alive in blog form. His post is probably a wee bit of a clue as to how we ended up married three and a half years after a first date involving a trip to the batting cages and watching NY Giants pre-season football. :)

And yup, we took in two great baseball games over the weekend. Tim & Emily, if you're out there, send us the Cubs game pic so we can post it! The Cubs game was very fun, but the sun never quite came out so I wasn't too sad to leave at the end. I was very impressed during the game with Emily's meticulous scorekeeping though. It was great to see the Cubs win. I'd love to be rooting for a home team in October... unless they're in a series against the Tribe.Tim and I might not be able to speak to each other during October if that happened!

Then Sunday we caught a Brewers game. Turns out that was a popular pre-Seventh Circuit Bar Association conference activity. Not only were we joined by a few other Seventh Circuit clerks (Kate, Jonathan, Ryan and Roger) and some of their significant others, but also Howard Bashman of How Appealing was in attendance, and so was the Solicitor General Paul Clement. Way cool. (Note to Rob: Sadly, I can turn baseball posts into nerdy posts too.) The game was awesome, with some excellent Brewers pitching, great defensive action, and back and forth run-scoring that kept things interesting in the final innings. It was also $1 hot dog day, a nice bonus. The retractable roof was kept shut for the game, though, which was too bad because it was beautiful outside.

In between baseball games, on Saturday night, Rob and I went to the 18th annual Bozo Ball -- a fundraiser for a Chicago organization called the Off The Street Club -- at the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier. (Rob's friend Adolfo gave us the hook-up on free tickets. Thanks!!!) The organization provides community activities for kids from the west side of Chicago and runs a summer camp for the kids as well. Some of the kids performed at the event and they were fabulous. One of the boys spoke about the difference the organization has made in his life and there could not have been an untouched heart in the house. I really wish Rob and I had the funds right now to sponsor some of the kids' summers at the camp -- just $500 per kid -- which you could sign up to do at the event, but we will definitely be doing that next year and for many years to come. If you're looking for a good cause yourself, this organization really seemed like a class act and the kids could not have been more impressive.

The evening closed out with lots of dancing. I made Rob hit the dance floor early with me, and even though he refused to join me in the congo line that wound its way onto the stage, we had a blast. My husband is a fantastic partner-in-crime as far as cheesy dancing goes, one of the many reasons he's so awesome.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I download them and I'll post something nerdy about the legal conference in Milwaukee soon. All in all, the conference was fantastic and I'm so glad I got the chance to attend. But I have too many thoughts about it to squeeze into this post.

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