Monday, May 21, 2007

Work is Too Busy

Not much time to post these days. Work kept me crazy busy through the whole weekend, even though Rob's friend Peter was in Chicago visiting, which was a great distraction.

In the mean time, I am happy to report that the plant Rob and I purchased several weeks ago is still alive and is showing no signs of dying. This is pretty huge for us. Maybe one day we can get a pet.

And in other news, Rob went out without me late Thursday night post-Wonka Ball (more on that to come) because, yes, I had to go home and do more work. Friday night we were hanging out with the same folks (two of Peter's friends who Rob and I just met on Thursday). One of those friends, Lisa, said to me about Rob, "I have never heard a husband speak so highly of his wife as Rob did last night." I was kindof flustered and replied something lame like, "Awww, well, it's very mutual." Then she said, "No, really. It was very impressive and very refreshing." Well, shucks! How sweet is that? When I relayed the story to Rob he just said, "Well, I don't exaggerate, I just talk about you. And that should be standard behavior for husbands." How awesome is my husband? It totally made my week!

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