Thursday, May 10, 2007

Name Games

I just got an email from Penn Law asking for a donation. I think the email was meant for me, but I can't be sure. It began "Dear Mrs. M-narik P-zold...." I'm kindof fascinated by this as I can't remember writing Rob's name on any form for the law school, although I must have done so. But I know I've never identified myself as having his name or even as a "Mrs." I'm not sure whatever mass email program the school is using is working in their favor.

(Edited so you can't get to this post by googling our names.)


Rob said...

Maybe Penn realizes the power of Pezold. They were sending you a hint... Pezold up!

Claire said...

That happened to me too, with my undergrad! But it was worse, they put "Mr. & Mrs. William F. Abely." My name was completely absent.

emcarmany said...

You would think a law school of all places would be better about not assuming their female grads are "Mrs. husband's last name"!