Tuesday, June 19, 2007

If you remember The Dairi Burger...

Then you need to read this blog. My friend Robin is re-reading her collection of Sweet Valley High books and reviewing them in all their ridiculous glory online at her new blog. Flippin' hysterical if you read the books as a wee lass, as I did.

I remember in sixth grade, whichever girl in our group of friends got the latest SVH book first would be the most popular girl as the rest of us lined up to borrow it. After all, none of us could get to the bookstore without parental intervention and the books arrived in the library months behind their publication. You only got the book it for 24 hours, so you had to read fast... lucky girl who got the weekend slot though! Some of our crew would bump their best best friends up the borrowing list. Much drama ensued. The best part of it all was the cruel hand of fate... since the Wakefield twins are Elizabeth & Jessica and my identical twin sister's name is Elizabeth, I can't even tell you the jokes I got about being the dumb/mean/bratty/spoiled twin. Never got called the stylish or popular twin. Probably because Libby had that cornered in real life already. ;) Oh middle school days!

Anyway, Robin's reviews are great and they'll give you flashbacks to your insecure adolescent days of SVH-reading. What garbage we ingested!

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