Monday, June 04, 2007

Shout out to my husband

I am always writing down quotes when friends and family members say ridiculous things. I end up losing most of the scraps of paper I scribble on, but the ones I don't lose remain constant sources of entertainment to me when I run across them. Rob's quotes are far and away the best. Not surprising at all if you know him. Rob is one of the least egotistical people I've ever known, but he produces pure comedic genius when talking himself up.

One of my favorite Rob-isms is on our fridge at home. It's from last fall. I was having a self-critical moment (shocking) and Rob said, "Honey, you can tell how awesome you are by the fact that I love you." Brilliant.

Anyway, I was thinking about this quote today and I felt compelled to post about Rob's awesomeness. I have a couple big work assignments sucking up every ounce of my free time lately. Over the weekend I spent most of my time working, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday night until the wee hours of the morning. We went out with friends Saturday night and I returned home an hour into the evening to do more work. I have been tired and grumpy. I haven't used our beloved new treadmill in four days, so I'm falling behind on Operation Portugal. Meanwhile, my husband has done loads of laundry, given me multiple back rubs, restocked our fridge with Diet A&W and our freezer with Lean Cuisines, run out to the store to buy cream for me to put in my tea, and not complained at all that I've been totally skipping out on our life at every turn lately. Sure it's all little stuff, but it's little stuff in the face of zero little stuff coming from his wife, and the little stuff adds up to a huge reminder that Rob rocks.

So if Rob's awesomeness is some measure of me, then I must not be so bad myself, even though Rob's definitely got me beat on the awesomeness scale by tons. Sometimes I am amazed when I think back on how skeptical I used to be about marriage generally... in the days before I met Rob I was rather convinced marriage would never be for me. Now I can't even imagine Rob not being my family. Why he puts up with me, I have no idea. But I could not be luckier.

And now back to work...

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