Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Updates on Rob's eyes

Rob went back to the doctor again today and got the protective contacts taken out, which were making him insane with discomfort. While the doctor seems confident that everything will be fine, the abrasions on Rob's eyes still haven't totally healed, which means another trip to the doctor next week to check in again. I hate that there's nothing I can do to make Rob more comfortable in the mean time. I am really frustrated and hate not really understanding the science behind this. But I'm sure my frustration pales in comparison to Rob's.

We're getting good at waking up at 4am for scheduled eye drops though, so maybe this is good training for parenthood some day. If parenthood involves just one scheduled wake-up during the middle of the night after which you can go right back to sleep, then we are so ready. Ha. ;)

Anyway, please think healing thoughts about Rob's eyes!

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Roxanna said...

poor rob! I"m sending positive eye thoughts