Thursday, June 21, 2007


Rob's eyes are doing better and we're hopeful that he'll have perfect vision as promised by the end of the next few days. Fingers crossed!

Rob's been able to start treadmilling again. (I'm just going to keep using treadmill as a verb until it catches on, Alan. ;) And I did a little treadmilling myself tonight after a couple days off due to work and other distractions.So...

Kat's Stats
6/21: 2.50 miles
TOTAL: 9.40 miles

Rob's Stats:
6/21: 2.37 miles
TOTAL: 7.11 miles

I did another slow two-mile run today, which is encouraging. I mean, let's face it, we're not making miracles, but this is the most we've exercised since we started dating way back in 2002! Definitely a small victory. Rob's lost more than 10 pounds and I've made some progress in that area too, but I'm going to leave the numbers out.

In other news, my co-clerks, my judge and I had lunch today with Judge Posner (also of the Seventh Circuit) and his three clerks. One of his clerks and I had been trying to set it up for ages, so it was a bit of a miracle when we found a date that worked for both of our uber-busy bosses! It was a lot of fun, and especially nice to have some casual conversation with one of the most impressive judges on our court. Although he can be rather fierce on the bench, Judge Posner is incredibly nice and funny in a non-adversarial setting. Judge Posner and Judge Wood are also both brilliant, so just getting to listen in on their conversations is a treat. I have less than two months left at my clerkship. This year has gone so fast and I'm going to miss my job so much when I'm done. And now, back to an opinion I have to finish drafting...

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