Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Eyes News

Rob had his follow-up appointment this morning for his eyes. While it looks like everything is fine, the doctor had to put a contact lens in each eye so Rob's epitheliums (epithelia?) could heal better. Rob's spent a lot more of today with his eyes closed. Apparently even blinking can slow the healing. Rob has to head back to the doctor again tomorrow to see if the contacts can come out. It'll be our third trip to the suburbs in three days. Hopefully they won't try to keep us there. Seriously though, this is not an abnormal complication. Rob still says that "with regard to the procedure, it's less painful and quicker than getting your teeth cleaned." In fact, Rob says "the procedure is virtually pain-free." He doesn't want anyone dissuaded by his healing process! He's already very excited by his new vision when his eyes are open. We are also becoming eye drop experts. Lots of eye drops involved in the five days post-surgery.

On a side note, Rob is unable to work out for several days, so his Operation Portugal is on standstill. I tried to do an even better workout today for both our sakes. (Rob's beating me in both mileage and weight loss, so I need to start bringing up my side of our team average. Ha ha.) I thought I'd see if I could run a full two miles at a slow pace. I did it, running just over 13-minute miles, and it felt pretty comfortable. Hopefully this'll make me feel comfortable trying interval training soon.

Kat's Stats
6/17: 2.55 miles
TOTAL: 6.90 miles

Not much new to report. We've had a weekend of chilling for the sake of Rob's eyes. We've done a lot more planning of our London leg of our summer trip, though. Now we're thinking of a day trip to Bath. Even though I lived in London for a year, I never made it to Bath, which is just over an hour away by train. It'll be nice for me to see something new since I've seen a lot of the London sites before. Although I can't imagine I'll be anything but thrilled to be in my old stomping grounds again.


Nadine said...

Go to Bath! It's a fun trip. (And I lived in London for a semester in college! Such a small world, literally.)

Valerie said...

Let me know what you think of the book.