Monday, June 25, 2007

Party Success!

We've been running around like crazy for two weeks to get our place ready for Resa and Nick's engagement party this past Saturday night, which was a huge success! My mom made a million tons of food (including 6 pies and 6 dozen cupcakes) for the 50+ people who came in and out through the evening. Rob and I learned how to make sangria -- let's hear it for googling "sangria recipe" -- and it actually turned out pretty well. Resa and Nick got some amazing presents. All the parents successfully hung out for the first time. Our great-uncle Joe even made an appearance. Awww! Lots of folks took pictures, so we'll post them once they get passed our way.

I don't think I realized how little we'd slept until the party shut down around 10:30pm on Saturday and Resa's crew prepared to hit a nearby bar. I was too exhausted to even contemplate going out, although Rob did rally for an hour. After the clean-up was done, I crawled into bed and was asleep within seconds. Even after a full night's sleep, I slept all afternoon on Sunday too.

So that's why we've been a little absent lately. Hopefully we'll catch up with everyone we've been missing soon. We did manage to sneak in a nice brunch with Mark, who was in town for the AMA conference, on Saturday morning. We even got to treat Mark to a post-brunch Scooters run, which he seemed to enjoy. I wish like crazy that Mark & Chris lived closer to us so we could see them more, but with Chris heading to med school in NYC, and Mark's continued insistence that no other cities will do besides NYC, that seems an unlikely wish.

In other news, Rob's eyes seem great. He can see better than I can... grrr. :) And yesterday we got back to Operation Portugal, which we desperately needed after eating pie and cupcakes all weekend long. Slow and steady progress...

Kat's Stats
6/24: 2.43 miles
TOTAL: 11.83 miles

Rob's Stats
6/24: 2.37 miles
TOTAL: 9.48 miles

Back to work now...

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DrMark said...

OK Punks. I've officially read every single entry of your blog. Clearly, today's is my favorite post, but I suppose it would have to be, as I am the center of my world (note the clever reference to an earlier blog post).

It was great to see you two (and Mom), and I'm glad the party turned out so well. I'm glad to hear the 'decorative' treadmill was not an eyesore.

PS NYC Rocks.