Thursday, June 28, 2007

Off to DC

First... it was back to the treadmill tonight, but not for quite as much distance as before due to stupid asthma. So Rob's running away with the lead right now, literally.

Kat's Stats
6/28: 2.38 miles
TOTAL: 14.21 miles

Rob's Stats
6/28: 2.37 miles
TOTAL: 19.29 miles

In other news, we're off to DC this weekend. So if you're gonna be in DC too, let us know! (Hopefully we've already successfully stalked all of those of you who live in DC, but maybe some of you other folks just happen to be jetting through the District as well this weekend.) We're looking forward to checking out our old town and hoping not to get stuck for an extra 22 hours this trip.

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