Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June 10 - Save the Date!

My twin sister Libby's new show is premiering on HBO on JUNE 10TH! Write it in your calendars, make a reservation on your couch, stock up on your popcorn. Be there! The show is called "John From Cincinnati" and it's about, well, John, who might be from Cincinnati... except it's more exciting than it sounds. There's lots of surfing. It's from the team that brought you Deadwood. And John is played by Austin Nichols, who I love from the awesome and sweet movie Wimbledon, in which he plays the potential foil to the leading man and utters the classic line "which I, like, won" about the characters' previous tennis match.

You can get some more production details about the show here. If you scroll down, you'll see that Colin Doty (aka Libby's husband) plays Cop #2 (whoo hoo!) and Lib's credit is among the other assistant directors. And here's an article about the show more generally.

Nothing like having a twin sister whose job is about a million times cooler than yours. ;)

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